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About the site

This website is the creation of yours truly, Rincchi, a massive Little Busters fan. My goal? To create the best dang Little Busters website on the Internet!

... okay, to be perfectly honest, it's not like I even have any competition to begin with. I suppose the site already qualifies just by existing. Anyway, with the lack of Little Busters sites and good resources out there, I took on the task of making a site myself and gathering together what I could in order to make a great Little Busters resource that fans will enjoy. Little Busters is a fantastic visual novel and I'm more than happy to give it the love it needs.

Little Busters just needs more love, darnit.

About the webmistress

I am Rincchi, and I'm a big fan of Little Busters as I already said. I'm a fan of Key works in general as well.

The first Key work I ever experienced was the Clannad anime, and boy, did that make me cry a lot. I never used to cry over sad things before... actually, Clannad was the second thing I cried over. Madoka was first. Anyway, I watched the other KyoAni Key adaptations, Kanon and Air.

Little Busters was the first Key VN I actually played. Of course I cried. I fell in love with it and Little Busters became my most favourite thing ever. Little Busters saikou!

Rin is best girl. Out of the female characters, she's definitely my favourite.



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