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Little Busters has some scenes that can be difficult to find or missed completely as you get locked out of them forever. This particular locked scene I'll be covering is impossible to access. Well, practically, anyway. If anyone has ever managed to defeat the Unknown Lifeform with Rin on the very second playthrough, they deserve a medal. It absolutely has to be the second playthrough. At that point, Rin's still losing to the likes of Sasami, so beating the Unknown Lifeform with her is an incredibly difficult task to say the least.

After the second playthrough, this scene will not come up again.

On the 20th May, Rin is supposed to go up against the Unknown Lifeform. However, she ends up speaking to Koshiki Miyuki instead (since this is the first playthrough where Koshiki appears, seeing this scene is mandatory) and then gets into a fight with Sasami. Fights with Sasami do not normally happen when Rin is successfully defeating the Unknown Lifeform.

Because of these encounters, Rin ends up not fighting the UL and a different scene plays out instead.

I've made a video of the scene on Youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FC0T2nl8adQ