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Episode synopses for the first season of Little Busters.

Episode 1: The Team Name is... Little Busters

Riki wakes up to the news that Kyousuke has returned. This sparks a battle between Masato and Kengo. Riki pleads with Kyousuke to quell the fighting, and Kyousuke comes up with an alternative involving the crowd throwing in random items for weapons. Masato's weapon ends up being a cat. An angered Rin turns up to rescue the cat, then proceeds to take Masato down.

After all this, they spend some time together and talk about how Kyousuke will be graduating soon. Kyousuke makes a wish for the happy times to last forever. Riki suggests they do something together like they used to in the past. This prompts Kyousuke to come up with the idea of forming a baseball team, known as Little Busters. Kengo opposes the idea however, claiming he does kendo of his own free will.

In the evening, Kyousuke comes to Riki's room and collects idioms for his homework. He also tasks Rin with recruiting members for the baseball team. After some failed attempts, Rin has a run-in with Sasasegawa Sasami of the softball club and ends up getting into a fight. The next day, Riki checks in on Kyousuke, who is reading manga in his classroom. He notices someone running up the stairs and follows them out onto the roof.

Episode 2: If You're Happy, I'm Happy

The person on the roof turns out to be Komari, a classmate of Riki's. After helping her out when she gets stuck, they spend time together eating sweets and Komari tells Riki about her Happiness Spiral theory. Riki asks her about playing baseball though she only ends up getting confused.

Later, in the cafeteria, Kyousuke proposes a new idea - they should make a band together and call it Little Busters. It turns out he got riled up by reading a band manga and drops the idea when reminded they are meant to be playing baseball. A louse starts bothering Rin and Kengo catches it with chopsticks. Masato wants to have a go and punches it, sending it into Kengo's miso soup. A fight breaks out and Kengo is the victor.

In the classroom, Riki hears some girls asking where Rin is since it's her duty to clean the blackboard and he goes to look for her. It turns out she is playing with cats. Riki tells her she needs to start being more sociable with others though she is resistant to the idea. Rin picks Lennon up and sees two notes tied to him. The first note tells her she must complete tasks to discover the secret of the world, and the second note says to clean up the boys' dorm storage shack.

Everyone gathers at the shack later to clean, and Komari turns up, saying she's interested in joining the baseball team. She greets Rin, causing her to freak out and a commotion ensues. They get the shack clean in the end and go to the field.

Kyousuke decides to test Komari. It turns out she has no athletic ability but he is so moved by what she considers necessary for baseball that he recruits her anyway. Komari tries approaching Rin, but Rin runs away again. Rin comes back when Komari falls over and gets hurt, resulting in Komari tickling her. Riki watches this scene, thinking about how nice it would be if these times could last forever. He remembers the note from earlier mentioning the secret of the world and ponders on its meaning. A narcolepsy attack strikes him at that very moment.

Episode 3: I Like Cute Things

The Little Busters have morning practice. Kengo reaffirms his decision not to play with them. Afterwards, in the classroom, Masato returns Riki's idiom dictionary to him albeit in a plastic bag. He tries to bluff his way out when Riki seeks an explanation and ends up admitting to leaving it in his desk where it became filthy. Haruka makes her appearance and borrows Riki's idiom dictionary, little knowing of the horror that lies within. Riki unsuccessfully tries to stop her, crashing into Kurugaya's desk in the process, and sees her perfect test scores. During class break, Riki is invited by Kurugaya to drink tea with her. When coming back to class, he runs into Haruka, who scolds him over the idiom dictionary.

In the cafeteria, Masato confronts Kengo over teaching him the wrong reading of a kanji. He reminds Kengo of an incident in middle school when Kengo misread a kanji and made a shoe instead of a basket. They are about to start fighting when Kurugaya interrupts. Kyousuke turns up in the nick of time and allows the battle to ensue. Kurugaya gets a sword and Masato a pop up pirate. He ends up failing miserably to beat Kurugaya, though it ends up being his win when Kurugaya commits a foul and kicks him. During baseball practice, Kurugaya turns up and announces her intention to join the team.

Episode 4: We'll Make a Happy, Sunny Place

At the vending machine, Riki spots Kud carrying some boxes to the dorm and helps her take them to her room. He joins Rin, who is with her cats, and she notices that one of the cats has an injured paw. In the classroom, Masato freaks out over his possessions having "Inohara star Masato" scribbled all over them. The culprit is of course Haruka and she even scribbled on his face while he was taking a nap. Rin notices Haruka has the same kind of bandage that was on her cat's paw. It was given to her by Komari. Rin shyly asks her to thank Komari. Riki suggests she do it herself. Rin just gives him candy to give to her, looking embarrassed all the while. Kurugaya tells Riki Komari is on the roof and he heads there.

Komari is fast asleep and drooling. Riki is about to wipe it away when he hears her say "Onii-chan". Komari wakes up just then and the two bang their heads together. Riki asks about her brother, but Komari says she's an only child and her older brother exists only in her dream. She expresses her wish to have Rin come to the roof and eat sweets with her, to make her a bit happier. Riki goes to the library with Rin to look for the book that Komari's brother read for her, and asks Rin to come with him to the roof which she reluctantly does.

Komari tells them she went home and found the storybook. There was a name, Kamikita Takuya, on it and she suspects that is the name of her brother. Seeing how sad she is, Rin talks through the cat to try and cheer her up. Komari gratefully hugs her.

On Sunday, the Little Busters all go to the retirement home together on Komari's invitation and help out. Riki meets an old man named Kojiro and cleans his room out. Komari is surprised by this and decides to try greeting him herself. Kojiro yells and scares her away however. He is shocked to hear her name is Komari and tells Riki his full name is Kamikita Kojiro. Also, he wants Riki to keep Komari away from him.

Episode 5: To Find What I've Lost

The Little Busters are practicing baseball. Kurugaya praises Komari and asks who this "Yui-chan" she just mentioned is. Komari responds that it is her. Kurugaya is flustered and asks to be called Kurugaya-chan instead but Komari is adamant so Kurugaya tries embarrassing her with the nickname Komari-max. Her attempt fails horribly. Kyousuke asks Rin if she's capable of calling Komari with "-chan" yet and Rin tries to flee, only to be caught by Kurugaya. Komari writes her name on the sketchbook and holds it for Rin to see. Rin attempts to says "Komari-chan" and says "Komada" instead, which makes Komari run away crying. She falls over and Rin asks if she's okay, successfully calling her Komari-chan in the process. Riki watches the smiling Komari and thinks about her missing brother, wondering if he's even alive.

Komari tells Riki and Rin about a dream she had of her brother, where they were close to the sky and there were white flapping things. Riki thinks it might have been a hospital and tells Rin this, adding he might be dead but Rin doesn't want to believe that. He visits Kojiro who affirms his suspicions and warns him not to tell Komari.

That night, Riki encounters Komari returning to the school after sneaking out. She invites him to the rooftop to watch a meteor shower. After watching the shooting stars together, Komari asks Riki to go on a date with her. She wishes to look for something she lost, namely her memories. They go on a boat together and talk about her brother. Riki asks if she should really look for him, since he's always in her dreams. Komari asks if Riki will be her Onii-chan instead.

It's raining as they return to school. Lightning crashes, freaking Komari out and they stop for a moment. Riki spots a dead kitten in the gutter. Komari sees the dead kitten and falls to her knees, screaming. While she sits there crying, the memories of her dead brother emerge. She recalls him telling her that it was all just a dream.

Episode 6: Let's Find Wonderful Things

Riki takes the broken down Komari back to his dorm room. While she rests after a shower, she tells him all about her dead brother - how he used to play with her and tell her stories, including a sad one. She never wanted to hear about sad things. He wrote her a story about the chick hatching from an egg, becoming a hen and forgetting it was once an egg. Before he died, Takuya told Komari that everything was just a dream so that she wouldn't be sad. Rin and Kurugaya turn up to take Komari to her room but she begs to stay with Riki at first, calling him "Onii-chan". Riki promises her he won't go anywhere so she leaves with the girls.

In the cafeteria, everyone is wondering what to do about the situation. It seems hopelessly dire. Kyousuke speaks up, saying there's no running away from this. He tells Riki that he's the only one who can do anything for Komari now.

Komari and Riki go to the rooftop together. Komari is still calling him Onii-chan, not understanding why when he protests, and has forgotten about seeing shooting stars with him. Riki notices the storybook Takuya drew, lying in a puddle. Komari doesn't seem bothered by it, saying she doesn't need it because he can draw another one.

Riki visits Kojiro and he tells him Komari will return to normal in a few weeks. Whenever she is reminded of death, such as when her grandmother and her goldfish died, she remembers her brother and breaks down. Eventually, she forgets again and returns to normal. It has been repeating in an endless cycle and so Kojiro has been staying away from her, not wanting her to break down when he eventually dies. Riki swears he'll do something to fix her. He visits the cemetery where Takuya is resting in peace. Riki wonders what Takuya would do and thinks of the storybook, getting an idea.

Riki gets to work on drawing a new storybook. Everyone else decides to help him out, bringing him food and supplies. When Riki's done, he calls Komari to the rooftop. Riki tells Komari he's not her brother. Komari asks where her brother is and Riki replies that he isn't anywhere. Komari cries and denies it, claiming it's just a bad dream. Riki tells her it isn't and sad things happen all the time. She has to accept it. He then shows her his storybook. The hen accepted reality. The chick looked around and found it had many friends, who were with it through happy and sad times. Riki tells her he was sad when his parents died but Kyousuke and the others were there for him. It can be the same with Komari. He begs her to smile, telling her she can write a brand new story.

Komari gazes at the sketchbook in wonderment. She then starts to smile. Rin turns up on the rooftop and runs to hug Komari, crying tears of joy. Komari looks toward the sky with a delighted expression. She says if she keeps crying, then she'll make everyone worry. Her brother's gone but she'll find wonderful things that are still out there for her to see. Having overcome her trauma, she's finally able to face the future with a smile, knowing she'll be okay from now on.

Episode 7: Now Then, Who Am I?

Masato is feeling tired after accidentally studying during class and wants to sleep, but Riki reminds him that he didn't do his homework for the upcoming class and Masato freaks out, asking someone to let him copy it. Kengo suggests he use the excuse that aliens burned his homework up again but Masato thinks it won't work a second time. Using Kansai men instead won't work either since Masato's worried the teacher will wonder how he made an enemy of them. Rin watches on, and comments that they are idiots. This riles Masato up and he challenges Rin. Kyousuke comes in through the window and tells the crowd to throw in weapons. Rin, armed with cats, takes down Masato with his nail clippers. Masato collapses and cracks a desk in the process.

Later on in the cafeteria, Masato is getting teased with his new title. Kyousuke comments that this is exactly why they have to enjoy their youth and reminds Riki that he needs to search for new members. Riki and Rin set out together to look for someone and discover Haruka covering her eyes. She is playing Guess Who, albeit incorrectly. Riki invites her to the sports field for a try out. Haruka has difficulty with it, but after receiving a left handed mitt, she's able to pull it off. At that moment, the disciplinary committee turn up and take her away for skipping detention.

The next day, Kengo springs a trap involving buckets of water and blames Masato for doing it. Haruka turns up to see how things are going and it turns out she set the trap up herself. The disciplinary committee appear again, this time to punish her for taking buckets without permission. Haruka grabs Riki's hand and runs for it, taking him along with her. The prefects give chase but fall victim to Haruka's marbles. Kud also slips on the marbles and Riki helps her out, before going after Haruka who has made her escape. They run into Kanata, who calls Haruka a troublemaker. She speaks to Riki too, mentioning his troublemaker friends and says there will be a punishment for the desk that was cracked before.

Kurugaya explains later that Kanata is the head of the disciplinary committee and extremely strict about it. Riki worries about how they will be punished. Everyone else is concerned too, except for Kyousuke who tells them to start practice. Riki forgot his gym clothes so he returns to the classroom. There, he finds Haruka, repairing the broken desk. Haruka explains that she's a member of the maintenance committee and she also wanted to make up for causing trouble. They are heading back to the clubroom when they encounter Kanata and her fellow committee members. Apparently Haruka stole cans from the vending machine. There are indeed cans in her bag. Haruka says that she won the roulette four times but Kanata calls her a liar. Riki jumps to her defence but they try to take her away anyway, saying it's unfair to people who pay for the cans anyway even if she won.

Masato, Rin and Komari turn up, wondering where Riki went. Riki says he'll pay for the cans and hands them money. He doesn't have enough so Rin and Komari chip in too. With the cans paid for, Kanata decides to leave Haruka alone for now and the disciplinary committee leaves. Haruka wonders why they would do that for a liar like her and Riki says she's not a liar. He brings her to the sports field for another tryout. Kyousuke hands her a baseball glove and asks her how it feels. Haruka replies it smells like youth and passes, becoming a member of the Little Busters. Masato comments on someone stupider than him joining and Rin insults him. Haruka and Rin start shouting insults at Masato together.

Episode 8: Let's Looking For Roommate

Kyousuke, Riki, Rin, Masato and Kengo race to the school building, knowing they are going to be late for homeroom. Kyousuke suggests Masato and Kengo throw Rin up to the window of their classroom so they do. Rin gets mad at Masato later for putting too much strength into it. Riki, Masato and Rin encounter Kud playing with her dogs, which Riki recognizes as the ones used by the disciplinary committee. Kud explains that her grandfather sent them from Finland so that she wouldn't be lonely. She hands Rin a frisbee and asks her to throw it. Rin does so and Kud runs along with the dogs after it, successfully jumping and catching it. Riki sees how skilled she is at catching and takes her along to the baseball field.

Kud is confused about why she is there and has no idea what baseball is, but understands eventually so she begins the tryout. She performs surprisingly well at catching the ball, and is naturally accepted into the team. Kud is overcome, finally having her first friends since she came to this school. The dorm head turns up at the field, calling for Kud, and tells her there's another package for her. It turns out to be a multitude of boxes which she has difficulty carrying. Riki and Masato come to her aid and help her take the boxes to her room. They learn that she doesn't have a roommate and Riki suggests she ask the dorm head about it.

Riki and Masato accompany Kud to ask the dorm head and she agrees to it. However, it may be difficult to find someone willing to change rooms at this point. The dorm head warns Riki and Masato they had better leave before the disciplinary committee sees them but it's too late as Kanata makes her appearance. Kud tries to jump to their defence but Kanata punishes all three of them anyway. Masato details their excruciating punishment to the other members of the Little Busters later. They talk about what a frightening ice queen Kanata is. Kanata comes down the hallway and sees them in the classroom, before someone slams the door.

Haruka turns up at the classroom, announcing that she saw the ad about Kud wanting a roommate. However, she can't room with Kud. Komari has a roommate and Rin is too shy to room with her. Kyousuke points out there's another girl to ask, Kurugaya, so Riki asks her. Kurugaya is too dangerous however. Riki and Kud spot Mio reading by a tree and ask her. She doesn't have a roommate but has too many books which she feels would be a bother for Kud so she declines.

The deadline for finding a roommate has arrived and nobody responded to Kud's request. Kud is dejected. Takamiya and Katsuzawa walk past, commenting on how Kud is a funny little foreigner and nobody would want to room with her. Kanata stops them, scolding them for taking a magazine for the library. She approaches Kud and says she'll be her roommate, much to Riki and Masato's surprise. Riki says Kud can turn her down but Kud is fine with it, delighted to have a roommate at last.

Episode 9: Save the School Cafeteria!

The Little Busters are having their baseball practice. Afterwards, Komari shares her homemade chocolate cookies with the other girls. Rin, however, is still too shy to join in so she leaves. Riki later finds her playing with the cats and tells her she needs to start making friends since he, Kengo and Masato can't hang out with her forever, but Rin isn't interested. She sees that Lennon has brought another note. The task this time is to save the cafeteria. Rin suspects that the problem is the croquette soba and asks the cafeteria lady to remove it from the menu.

Sasami and her minions turn up. It turns out she was the one who requested the croquette soba. Angered by Rin insulting her favorite dish, they end up getting into a fight and Rin loses again. It seems there is no problem with the cafeteria after all in the end.

Later on, however, a problem emerges - the cafeteria staff have disappeared and there's nobody to make dinner. Rin decides they will do it themselves, but she can't do it with just Masato and Riki so she approaches the other girls and asks for their aid. They all get together to make dinner and successfully pull it off.

Riki wonders just how the writer of the note could have predicted something like this. Just then, narcolepsy strikes. When he next wakes up, Kyousuke comes to the room and takes him back to the cafeteria where everyone else is waiting for him. With the mission complete, they all start eating together.

Episode 10: The Blue of the Sky and the Blue of the Sea

Kyousuke reminds everyone during baseball practice that they will be having a match soon but Masato points out they still don't have enough members so naturally it's up to Riki to find one more. The practice continues and he ends up hitting a home run into the school courtyard. While searching for the ball, Riki finds Mio reading under the tree. It turns out that she got hit by the ball and she hands it back.

Riki comes by the next day to give Mio some compresses. He realizes how lonely she seems sitting under the tree every day, and he never even noticed how she was never in the classroom. Their classmates even refer to her as being shadowless. He talks to Kyousuke about it and announces that he'll ask her to join the Little Busters.

Riki comes to see her again and tells her about the Little Busters, inviting her to join them and play baseball. Mio points out that she never even participates in gym class so she must decline. Riki asks if she has a condition but Mio says to ask her another time. If she trusts him enough, she will tell him though she doubts the time will ever come.

After gym class, Kurugaya approaches Riki with a request. Mio's book has gone missing and she wants Riki to help Mio look for it, so the two go to the classroom to search. Mio wonders if it's really okay for Riki to search for it, believing someone may have had bad intentions. Riki however wants to believe otherwise and keep looking. Kurugaya turns up, telling them what most likely happened is that a shy girl picked the book up after it fell off Mio's desk, not knowing who it belonged it, and put it away with the intention of finding the owner later. The girl herself comes into the classroom and hands Mio the missing book.

Riki asks Mio what the book is and she shows him. It's a collection of poetry. He reads a bookmarked poem about a seagull untouched by the blue of the sky or sea and considers it to be sad. Mio doesn't think so, however. Some of the other Little Busters turn up, telling Riki to come to practice, and Mio comes along to watch them play.

Episode 11: Horrific No Ghost Meet Up

Kyousuke has come up with a fun activity for everyone to do - a trial of courage. This involves everyone splitting up into groups and collecting talismans from various locations in the school. Things get sidetracked however when an unknown lifeform starts rampaging through the school, and Masato and Kengo also get caught up in a trap involving ghost arms appearing from the shadows. The trial of courage is called off and they go ghost busting instead.

Mio is called out to offer her aid and she gives advice on dealing with the rampaging spirit. They manage to trap it in Kyousuke's classroom and discover that it is not a spirit but a wild eagle named Pi-chan. A long time ago, the eagle followed Kyousuke back from a trip to Hokkaido. Sadly for him, Pi-chan had to be sent back. It seems, after all these years, Pi-chan came to the school to see Kyousuke again. After their reunion, Pi-chan flies away. Masato and Kengo turn up, worn and weary after dealing with the trap in the principal's office. Kyousuke, however, never set a trap there.

Episode 12: Endless Blue Sky

Riki, Kyousuke, Masato and Kengo go out shopping and find the girls collecting donations. They all chip in, with Masato and Kengo fighting over who gets to donate more. While this argument goes on, Riki thinks about how nice it would be if Mio was there and he spots a girl who looks like Mio watching them. Seconds later, she has vanished.

In the classroom, he notices some students running into the classroom who bump into Mio and pay no attention to her. Mio is used to it and not bothered in the least. Riki invites her to be the manager of the baseball team. She gets the wrong idea at first, believing the Little Busters to be an idol group, but agrees to the request anyway. Riki brings her to the field and Kyousuke gets excited about their finally having nine members until Riki points out she's only a manager, since she has no athletic ability.

Mio shows off her managerial skills by serving drinks after practice, though they turn out to be too hot for everyone's liking. The girls ask for Mio's cell number. It turns out she has no idea how to use it so they help her out. Masato is also keen on getting numbers since his cellphone only has calls from Riki and Kyousuke, but his joy quickly fades as he decides it's better with just Riki after all.

Kyousuke comes up with an idea - everyone should enter a tanka contest and he needs Mio's help for it. Mio starts with a lengthy explanation that has most of them falling asleep. Haruka suggests that instead of writing individual poems, they should all submit individual lines and put them together. They end up creating a tanka about a giant in red bloomers. Since it's obviously not going to work, they decide to try again. Mio quietly slips out and Riki goes to find her.

Mio is by the tree, feeding birds. It turns out Mio doesn't know what to think about having friends, since she's always lived a solitary life, and she's not used to it. Riki thinks she should try and accept it but Mio says it's too late. She talks about how life is too short to even read all the books in a library and it's sad. Riki sees a paper plane and Mio asks where he would go if he could ride on one. Riki says Hawaii, to Mio's amusement. Mio says she would go to the sea and fly there forever. Riki remembers the strange girl who looked like Mio and mentions it to her. Mio asks some questions about her then leaves, announcing she's thought of an entry for the tanka contest.

The school day has just begun and Riki hears that Mio won't be coming to class today since she's unwell. He thinks about how nobody would even notice if Mio wasn't in the classroom. Riki overhears his classmates talking about seeing Mio in town, except she didn't have her parasol. He has a bad feeling something will happen to Mio. Riki spots the strange girl watching him from the courtyard and she smiles.

Episode 13: To Where Endings Begin

Mio has not come to class for days. Even the members of the Little Busters are starting to forget about her existence. Mio then turns up to see Riki and gives him her book. She invites him along to the beach and asks him about the Little Busters. Riki tells her about his childhood and the times he spent with Kyousuke and the others. Mio feels it's a pity that she couldn't spend more time with them but she has to leave. It's something she wished for a long time ago and that can't be changed. The mysterious girl who looks like Mio appears. Mio calls her Midori. It's been a long time since the two of them last met. Mio asks for a bit more time before she leaves. Midori asks why she still has her parasol and takes it away, against Mio's wishes, revealing that Mio has no shadow. Midori is the same. Riki has a narcolepsy attack at that moment.

When Riki wakes up, he has no memory of why he went to the sea. He can't remember Mio but has a vague feeling something is missing. Then he finds the book Mio gave him and remembers her. Midori turns up to class and everyone believes she is Mio. They also think she has always been so lively and cheerful. Riki is the only one to remember Mio. Midori comes to see him and tells him she'd like him to start believing she is Nishizono Mio, but Riki refuses. She tries to take the book, realizing it's the reason Riki still remembers. Though she gives it back, she says it's only a matter of time before he forgets about Mio and starts believing Midori has been her all along.

Episode 14: So I'll Reach Out for Your Hand

Riki is struggling to remember Mio, and yet his memories are becoming confused as Midori even tricks him into thinking Mio wore glasses. He tries asking for Kyousuke's assistance, but Kyousuke doesn't believe he can assist him and gives Riki a mission: believe in only his own words, for Mio's sake. Riki remembers the tanka contest Mio entered and finds her entry, which was inspired by him saying he'd like to fly to Hawaii. Midori shows up and asks if he'd like to see Mio, even though it would make him sad.

Riki goes to the beach and finds Mio. He asks her to come back, but Mio says Midori has taken her place from now on. She talks about her childhood. She was a solitary child who read a lot of books and liked to play make believe. One day, her reflection came out of the mirror, claiming to be her little sister Midori. Mio and Midori would play together all the time. Mio got to the age where she was too old to have an imaginary friend and her mother got her treated in a hospital. She ended up forgetting Midori completely. When she read the poem about the seagull, she remembered Midori. Ever since, Mio had no shadow. She waited for the day Midori would appear and take her place, feeling that she herself should have been the one to disappear.

Mio bids farewell, asking Riki to forget about her, and disappears. Riki cries, believing it's all over and he'll end up accepting Midori as Mio. Midori calls him and tells him he shouldn't be crying. She tells him goodbye since she'll disappear when Mio is saved and Riki promises he won't forget about her. Riki jumps into the sea and reaches out to Mio. Midori also speaks to Mio, telling her they will become one and be together forever. Mio happily returns to the Little Busters.

Episode 15: Hell Yeah, This Totally Rocks!

Riki is playing tabletop baseball with the boys when Komari and Kud turn up, telling him it's awful and to come immediately. It's not so awful after all so they leave and Riki stays. Kyousuke brings up the subject of love and asks who Riki likes. Riki tries to avoid answering. Kengo suggests it's Kyousuke but Riki denies it. Kyousuke gets upset and leaves. Riki hurries after him and tells him that he loves the Little Busters, including Kyousuke. They start shouting "Little Busters rock" together. Riki gets a text from Rin asking him to come alone to her room. Unfortunately, the disciplinary committee is on patrol tonight. He safely makes it with some difficulty and and finds out it was actually a trap.

The girls are having a sleepover and want Riki to stay with them. Riki tries to leave, narrowly avoiding being seen by Kanata, and ends up staying. The girls take baths and Riki has one as well, which turns out to be a mistake as Kurugaya switches his uniform with hers. Riki is forced to wear a girl's uniform. The dorm head comes, warning everyone not to make too much noise, and fails to notice Riki.

A newspaper blade battle breaks out and everyone participates, including Rin, though she is reluctant at first but willingly jumps to Komari's defence. The noise brings Kanata and her minions to the room. She calls Riki over and he fears that she has noticed he is actually a boy, but it turns out she wanted to fix his tie. She scolds Kurugaya for letting a non resident stay in the dorm after school hours and tells everyone to keep it down.

In the morning, Riki leaves and meets Kyousuke, who has come to rescue him after playing games with Masato and Kengo all night to device who would have to save him. Kyousuke is disappointed Riki has changed back already. He looks at the photo of Riki in a girls' uniform that Kurugaya sent, and tells Riki he looks cute.

Episode 16: Don't Look At Me Like That

Haruka uses Masato's beef bowl cutlet to prank him and a fight breaks out between the two, resulting in Haruka being the victor. Later on, Riki, Komari and Rin see Haruka sneaking around. She's hiding from the disciplinary committee after using the cafeteria oven and is on her way to fix her favorite bench. Haruka used to sit on the bench all the time by herself then one time, Riki invited her to play kick the can and it was the first time anyone said a kind word to her, though Riki doesn't remember. Kanata and the disciplinary committee turn up, telling her the bench was marked for removal, and the committee members smash it to pieces right in front of her. They then drag Haruka away for a hearing on her rule violations.

During the hearing, Haruka gets fed up with their harsh words and snaps. Kurugaya comes to calm her down. Riki wonders why Kanata is especially hard on Haruka, feeling there must be some reason for it.

It's a new school day and there are articles spread all over the school, identifying Haruka as the daughter of a criminal. The Little Busters gather them all up and find Haruka in the baseball clubroom. She apologizes and tells them about her background - she comes from a family who wanted to produce a heir and had an arrangement involving a woman taking two husbands, one of who was Haruka's father, and the criminal shown in the article. Futaki Kanata is part of this family, and also Haruka's twin sister.

Episode 17: I Wanted Someone to Stay By My Side

Haruka continues telling her story. After she and Kanata were born, one of the two husbands committed arson and was arrested for attempted murder against her other parents. The Saigusas kicked the remaining two out and kept the twins for themselves. It turned out the twins had different fathers but they had no idea who their fathers were so they pitted them against each other to decide who the heir would be. Kanata excelled in everything and became the heir, while Haruka was decreed the child of the criminal husband. She was constantly beaten and blamed for everything. She was so happy to come to school and finally make friends but then the flyer incident happened. Haruka starts wondering what if she hadn't been born and Riki tells her not to, saying it's too sad to regret her birth. Everyone else says words of encouragements. Haruka thinks they are just being nice but Riki says otherwise. They take her to the sports field and have baseball practice until she cheers up. Kanata turns up. They ask if she distributed the flyers but she doesn't answer, and warns everyone not to make trouble, not caring that nobody likes her.

Haruka offers some of her freshly made chiffon cake to Riki and Rin, telling them how good she is at making food with eggs, though they find it rather dry. She then tells them she wants to see her father and they go with her. Saigusa Shou refuses to tell her anything however and she runs away in tears. Rin suggests she ask her sister, but Haruka doesn't think Kanata would help, considering her position as the heir. Riki sees Kanata that evening, receiving a visit from the Saigusa family, and talks to her. Sometime she says causes Riki to guess that she isn't actually happy with the Futakis and might even be concerned about Haruka. Kanata tells Riki he can't save anyone, and Riki says he just wants to help Haruka.

The next day, Riki is alone on a bench when Haruka turns up, all smiles. She gives him some chiffon cake and it's surprisingly good, better than last time. Haruka drops the tray and is about to pick it up, but Haruka stops him, asking him if he likes her. Riki turns around to see the real Haruka standing behind him. Riki looks to the fake Haruka, questioning if she's Kanata. Kanata smiles.

Episode 18: The Answer is in Your Heart

Kanata removes her disguise and Haruka angrily yells at her. She is shocked by the sight of chiffon cake, since Kanata had told her she was allergic to eggs, and questions it. Kanata mocks her for believing in the lie so much. She leaves and Kud talks to Riki, saying Kanata is a kind person deep down but obviously has some troubles though she doesn't elaborate. Riki goes to find Kanata and asks her why she liked. Haruka and Kanata had to make the same dish for a family competition and Kanata made a different dish, in the hopes Haruka wouldn't lose and be beaten. She told Haruka it was because she had an allergy to eggs. Riki tells this to Haruka, who gets upset and asks who she should hate. Riki talks to her later on, asking if it's really a good idea to find out the identity of her true father knowing what it will do to Kanata and tells Haruka she should find the answer on what to do in her own heart, without being clouded by hate.

Haruka begs Kanata to tell her who her father is, even going so far as to get on her knees and beg. Kanata starts talking about how the Futakis beat her, knowing she could be Saigusa Shou's daughter. Kanata cries, explaining how they told her to be nasty to Haruka, saying she would take Haruka's place if she didn't, and they even threatened to kill Haruka. Haruka tells her it's alright now. Kanata protests, believing herself to not even be worthy of holding Haruka's hand after all she did, and Haruka hugs her. Haruka apologizes for not realizing Kanata too was going through hard times and returns the marble to her. They think of the promise they made together as children, to someday see their parents together while holding hands, and decide to go and see Saigusa Shou.

Saigusa Shou explains how the arson was really a set up to try and escape the Saigusa family's clutches. He is about to tell Haruka who her father is but Haruka doesn't want to know anymore. Now that she doesn't have to hate anyone and can love herself, she isn't interested in knowing. Haruka and Kanata go with him to see their other parents, holding hands just as they promised.

Episode 19: I Can Definitely Always Work Hard

Kyousuke tells everyone they are going to do a special practice today which involves teamwork, though they are doubtful about whether they can pull something like that off and he claims the Little Busters must be of one mind and heart by now. As an example, he asks what they like on their eggs, and it turns out everyone likes different things. He claims they are all united in having different tastes from each other.

Kud has to read out a sentence in English during class and performs badly. She announces her decision to take the proficiency test, which other members of the Little Busters are taking, and they decide to study together and help Kud with her bad subjects. Some students come by and start talking about what a funny little foreigner Kud is, and they are even taking bets on how she'll do at the test.

The day of the test comes and Kud is so nervous that she ends up filling in the wrong answers. She feels bad about failing the test after everyone helped her out. Everyone comes to accompany her during the remedial class so that she doesn't have to do it alone.

Episode 20: Ease Lovesickness

Sasami and her minions turn up on the sports field, upset with the Little Busters for using the field since they want to play softball uninterrupted. Rin gets upset when the softball club trio hurts her cat and has a match against Sasami, successfully throwing three strikes and defeating her. Thanks to that, the Little Busters are able to keep the field for baseball practice.

Rin receives a new task, to cure a student's lovesickness. Riki and Rin go to see the student, Aikawa, and learn that he is infatuated with Sasami. Unluckily for him, she is infatuated with Kengo. They try several tactics, including having Aikawa sing a song for Sasami and taking Kengo down, but everything fails. Riki realizes that the task wasn't to get the two together, but to ease Aikawa's misery. Rin asks for Sasami's cellphone number and Sasami agrees that she'll allow Aikawa to text her. With a chance of them becoming friends at least, the task is completed.

Episode 21: 50 Nautical Miles of Sky

Rin learns two new pitches during baseball practice. Afterwards, everyone starts cleaning the baseball clubroom. Haruka comes up with a theory for why cleaning is actually dangerous, but nobody pays attention to her.

Kud is continuing with her English practice and showing improvement. Rin brings Mon Petit to Belka and Strelka, and Kud explains about the meanings of their names, as well as her own.

At night, Riki wakes up and goes to get a drink. He finds Kud performing a special ceremony involving painting a tattoo on her own body and helps her out.

In Kud's homeland, her mother is about to go out to space on a newly built rocket. Kud isn't watching the launch however, feeling that it will go better if she doesn't watch. Rin comes running to get her, telling her to hurry to the cafeteria. Kud goes to see what's happening. It turns out the launch failed when there was an explosion. Kud passes out.

Episode 22: I'll Definitely Come Back

It's been half a day since the rocket explosion and there are still no news on the fate of Kud's mother. Kud wakes up, remembering being in prison, and visibly shocked. She receives an invitation to Tebwa and agonises over the choice. At first, she decides not to go and tries to throw out a box containing her dreams. Riki finds it however and convinces Kud to go to Tebwa after all. Kud says farewell to everyone, telling them she might be unable to return to Japan and asking Rin to take care of her dogs, and leaves for Tebwa.

Episode 23: For What You Find Important

The situation in Tebwa has worsened, with riots breaking out. Kud is able to safely reach her grandfather's hiding place. It turns out her mother is alive and is coming to see her. The rebels attack the hiding place and capture Kud, chaining her up in a cave. Everyone worries for Kud, praying for her safety. Their voices reach the struggling Kud and the gear Riki is holding teleports to her. She uses it to break free. The riots die down and Kud gets to see her mother again. She soon returns to Japan, safe and sound.

Episode 24: If You're Happy, Rin-chan, Then I'm Happy Too

Komari sits with Rin and the boys during mealtime. She catches Masato stealing Kengo's cutlet and replaces it, though Masato doesn't realize this. When Kengo realizes what's going on, an argument breaks out. Rin gets mad and kicks Masato for troubling Komari.

Rin receives a new task - to put on a puppet show. Just then, she and Riki see some kids arguing about a plush panda that was ruined. One of the children intended to use it for a puppet show. Rin says she'll repair it and put on a puppet show for them. Komari shows Rin some of her story books, including one with a girl and boy helping out dwarves who disappear after their problems are solved.

The other Little Busters try to help Rin come up with ideas but none of their suggestions are quite suitable. Komari chooses a story she has already made for Rin to use, the story of a penguin that got to ride on a star. They spend all night working on the puppets and Rin is successfully able to put on a puppet show the next day.

When it's over, Riki watches Rin run off to tell Komari and he wonders just how the sender of the notes was able to predict what would happen with the puppet. The same thing happened with the cafeteria incident too. He gets the feeling that he saw the storybook with the girl, the boy and the dwarves before.

Rin returns to her room but Komari isn't there. She races around the school in search of Komari and finds her on the roof. Komari says she was making a wish on the first star and tells Rin that the stars she wears are wishing stars. One of her stars is for her own wish and the other star can be for Rin's wish. Rin can't think of a wish so she asks Komari to think of one for her and Komari promises to do so.

Episode 25: The Last One

Kyousuke announces that the Little Busters have a match this weekend against the captains of the sports team, much to everyone's surprise. Masato points out they still haven't got enough members and Kyousuke says getting the remaining member is only a matter of time. Riki wonders who it could be. He doubts it could be Kengo, who has devoted himself to kendo the entire time and refused to play baseball with them.

Riki sees Kengo talking to Koshiki Miyuki, a girl who is in despair. She was descended from a line of professional archers and dedicated her life to archery which ended up being for nothing after losing her eye. Masato brings it up at mealtime, angering Kengo. Before a fight breaks out, Miyuki intervenes, protesting that she only asked him for advice. Even with Kengo telling her otherwise, she believes there is nothing left to live for and doesn't believe Kengo could possibly understand her.

Miyuki goes to the rooftop and Riki, Masato and Kyousuke hurry there to save her. The teachers try to catch her, but scare her into slipping off the roof. Kengo comes running and jumps after her. He is able to catch her and save her life. Since he ended up breaking his arm and the kendo teacher banned him from kendo activities for the term, Kengo is unable to play kendo or participate in the upcoming kendo tournament. He says he'll live as himself from now on and joins the baseball team. Despite his injuries, he is able to hit a home run and there are no worries.

Riki wonders how Kyousuke could have predicted something like this happening. Kyousuke announces that he won't be the captain of the baseball team. That will be Riki's job. Also, he will be making Riki the leader of the Little Busters in his place.

Episode 26: The Best Friends Ever

Kengo surprises everyone by being overly enthusiastic for baseball, even making a brand new jacket with the Little Busters logo on it. Meanwhile, Riki agonises over the strategy for the upcoming match and receives words of encouragement from the girls, who thank him for helping them through their troubles. He later makes a promise to Kyousuke to become stronger.

The Little Busters have their match and end up losing, but have no regrets as they managed to have fun and that was what was the most important thing. They go to the riverside together and take a picture together to commemorate their bonds of friendship.

OVA: I'll Protect the Saito of the World!

Kyousuke decides to start up a battle ranking system. Riki battles against some of the girls, successfully managing to defeat them and go up in the rankings. Meanwhile, the girls ask Kurugaya for advice. The advice Kurugaya gives them however is rather questionable.

A new challenger suddenly appears in the rankings, a mysterious masked man by the name of Mask the Saito who successfully defeats everyone he comes across. He reaches the top of the rankings and challenges Riki. Riki is about to be defeated when Komari and Rin appear. Komari is reading a story, "Run, Melos", the same story that Kyousuke was reading before and found very touching. Mask the Saito breaks down in tears and unable to battle anymore, making it Riki's victory.

Mask the Saito removes his mask and turns out to be Kyousuke. Kyousuke hands Riki the mask, telling him he is the new Saito, and tells the crowd to throw Riki up in the air while they hold a celebratory Saito festival.

Afterwards, Komari asks Kurugaya about the strange things that have been happening around her lately. Kurugaya responds that it is just her imagination and Komari is somehow convinced.