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Episode synopses for Little Busters! Refrain.

Episode 1: It Struck Without Warning

Komari throws a pancake party for the Little Busters. Afterwards, it is discovered that someone has harrassed Kud by putting thumbtacks in her bag and even ripped up Komari's notebooks. Riki spots someone running away and follows them. He finds Suginami, Takamiya and Katsuzawa in a classroom, talking about their exploits. Suginami is not as keen on the bullying as the other two however. Riki confronts them and Takamiya and Katsuzawa ask him to prove it. Kurugaya turns up with a tape recording of an incriminating conversation the two had.

When one of them details her plans to destroy the Little Busters' utopia out of sheer hatred for Kurugaya and asks her to apologize, Kurugaya snaps. She kicks the door to pieces and threatens the two bullies. They run away in fear. Suginami apologizes and also leaves. The other Little Busters turn up to see the damage and so does a teacher. The others urge Kurugaya and Riki to leave while they distract the teacher. Kurugaya and Riki hurry to the broadcasting room. Riki has the feeling he's been in that room before. He has flashes of previous moments with Kurugaya before collapsing as a narcolepsy attack hits.

Episode 2: It Was Also Raining at That Time

Kurugaya takes care of Riki after his collapse and teases him. She tells him she does it because she likes him. Afterwards, Riki is in a daze and the boys pick up on it. Rin is less than impressed however and leaves. Kyousuke starts up "Operation Love Love Hunters". His alternate suggestion of "Loli Loli Hunters" does not go down well and only ends up making him a lolicon suspect. The plan is to get Riki and Kurugaya alone together to watch fireworks and they will surely fall in love.

Riki takes the girls into the school to see the fireworks, though he isn't keen on being alone with Kurugaya like Kyousuke said to do. Mio scares the other girls away however and Riki gives chase. He stops to see the fireworks and Kurugaya turns up. They watch them together and Kurugaya sees a text from Kyousuke, asking Riki if he confessed. Riki tells her Kyousuke believes he's fallen in love with her and Kurugaya asks if that's true. Riki stares at her but doesn't answer.

The next day, Riki notices the clock is still saying June 20th, but nobody else thinks anything is out of the ordinary. He realizes that the same day is repeating.

Episode 3: I Always Wanted to Stay Here

The same day continues to repeat over and over, and still nobody realizes anything is wrong, even when it starts snowing. Riki tries to contact Kyousuke, but is unable to reach him. The world starts breaking down and he goes to see Kurugaya, believing she knows what's going on. Kurugaya tells Riki that he is in her dream and tells him her story. She always excelled at everything even when she was young, but she had no emotions and this even worried her mother who just wanted her to be able to smile and laugh like everyone else.

Kurugaya came to the dorms to get away from it all, and she saw the Little Busters having fun together. She joined them because she wanted to experience it too and was so happy that she was able to have friends and have fun like everyone else, so much that she wished for it to last forever. Sadly, the dream must now end and Kurugaya tearfully bids farewell, telling Riki to protect Rin when the fated time after June 20th comes. She vanishes along with the world and Riki forgets it all.

Episode 4: Riki and Rin

Kurugaya is absent from class and nobody seems to know why. Riki feels as if he's forgotten something, though he does briefly remember Kurugaya asking him to protect Rin. He notices Suginami watching him and shoos away a bug that is pestering her. She tells him of her feelings for him but apologizes, knowing there's someone he already likes. Riki wonders who it could be and Rin pops into his mind. He hastily tries to deny having feelings for her. Kyousuke turns up and hears about Riki being confessed to. He tells Riki that Rin was confessed to by a third year a while back.

Riki continues to think about Rin, and she appears, telling Riki to come get Mon Petit with her. On the way back, they accidentally drop the cat food and roll down the hill. While they are picking up the cans, Riki asks about Rin being confessed to. Rin ends up suggesting the two of them should date, much to Riki's shock, and he accepts.

The two tell everyone else, much to their joy. Kyousuke teases Rin and she runs off. Riki goes after her. Now that they are gone, Haruka, Mio and Kud bid farewell to everyone and walk off into the light, fading away.

Riki and Rin are surprised by the appearance of Lennon with a note on his tail. This time, Rin's task is to volunteer in homeroom.

Episode 5: The Final Task

In homeroom, the homeroom teacher asks for volunteers to show people around the school. Rin and Riki both volunteer and successfully pull it off. Later on, Rin is asked to go to another school. Kyousuke explains about a bus accident that killed all but two students in a class on their field trip. The school started up a scheme involving bringing in transfer students to try and cheer up the depressed students affected by the accident, and it seems the earlier tour was part of that scheme.

Riki tells Rin not to go at first but then realizes that she needs to do it in order to grow up, so he persuades her to do so after all. He thinks about the notes and comes to a shocking conclusion - whoever was sending the notes was deliberately manipulating Rin and forcing her to grow up. He follows Lennon and encounters Kyousuke, who was indeed the one sending the letters. Kyousuke asks him if he's figured it out. Riki guesses that Kyousuke couldn't look after Rin forever since he was graduating soon, so he was making Rin stronger in order to remove her from his care. However, he was actually asking if Riki had figured out the secret of the world.

Riki has no idea what he's talking about and speculates on the meaning, which only makes Kyousuke starts laughing. They are discovered by a member of staff on patrol and Kyousuke runs for it, pulling Riki along with him. Riki stumbles and falls, watching Kyousuke run off without him.

Episode 6: At the End of the Escape

Rin leaves for the sister school. Riki pours his feelings out to Kengo, particularly his anger about Kyousuke forming the Little Busters only to make Rin stronger and then split them up. Kengo tells him that the Little Busters will always be around as long as he is. Riki is happy knowing someone is on his side.

Rin texts Riki about the hard time she's having at the sister school and Riki begs her to endure. He learns that Rin can't get through to Komari and Komari can't reach her either. Riki guesses Kyousuke must have messed with Rin's cellphone to prevent her from contacting anyone else. Rin sends Riki further texts with a crying emoticon and Riki is horrified, knowing she really is crying, all alone. He runs out of the room but Kyousuke is there. Riki argues with him and Kyousuke says he'll let Rin come home for the weekend.

Rin returns and ends up collapsing on the street from exhaustion. Riki is desperate to save her, so he asks Kengo what to do, and is told to fight Kyousuke and win, though he doesn't believe he can do it. Kengo assures Riki that he will be with him and so they confront Kyousuke. Kyousuke and Masato go up against Riki and Kengo on the sports field with a baseball match.

Kengo ends up missing the second pitch when he sees an illusion of Miyuki, consequentially losing the match. He is enraged and charges at Kyousuke, knocking him down with a punch. Riki and Masato pull him off. Kyousuke taunts Kengo with a "Called Game" and leaves.

With no other options left, Riki runs away with Rin and they hide out in an empty house, where the Little Busters used to play as kids. The police find them however and Riki hugs Rin. Narcolepsy strikes and he realizes he'd forgotten that living also meant losing. Their joined hands are shown coming apart.

Episode 7: May 13th

Riki wakes up on the morning of May 13th and tries to intervene between Masato and Kengo when they fight. Kengo ends up with a broken arm and Riki is horrified, knowing Kengo has a kendo tournament coming up, but Kengo isn't bothered. He asks Riki to think of something fun to do.

Rin has ended up in a broken state and now has to go to a special school where she spends her time playing with small children. Kyousuke is also in a depressed state, reading manga in his room. Riki has no idea what has happened to them and he wishes those happy days the Little Busters spent together could return. He decides to do something about it and takes Rin out to play catch, just like how Kyousuke took her out to play in the past. Rin turns out to be really keen on catch.

Riki decides to play baseball. He invites the boys to come and play with them. Kyousuke doesn't come however, only wanting to stay in his room and read manga. Masato and Kengo turn up, but Kengo states his refusal to play baseball, stating Riki is doing the same thing as "he" did. Riki wonders if he means Kyousuke, and Kengo leaves. Riki asks about what happened, speculating that Kyousuke played baseball with them in another world and that somehow led to Rin being in a broken state. Masato confirms it and opts out of playing baseball, bidding them goodbye. Riki, however, is not going to give up. He declares to Rin his intent to reform the Little Busters.

Episode 8: Proof of the Strongest

Riki invites Masato to join the Little Busters but he refuses, claiming he must prove himself as the strongest. Masato starts rampaging around the school, beating up students, similar to how he acted in the past before Kyousuke set him right and brought him into the Little Busters. Riki and Rin set up a trap for Masato, but it fails to keep him down and so Riki takes on Masato in a fight. Rin helps out and Riki is able to successfully take Masato down.

From Masato's perspective, it's shown he was only refusing because he knew it couldn't be easy for Riki to reform the Little Busters and there would be challenges ahead. He started seeing everyone as himself and ended up going crazy. He reflects on the past, when he was being picked on for his idiocy. As a result, he trained his muscles and became the strongest, beating up anyone who dared oppose him. This only resulted in him being lonely. Kyousuke challenged him, luring him into a trap, and beat him. Masato was afraid of going back to being an idiot, but Kyousuke told him it was fine to be an idiot and they were friends from now on. Riki tells Masato that they can have fun times together from now on so he can just rest now.

Episode 9: A Friend's Tears

Riki asks how Kengo joined the Little Busters in the past. Kyousuke, Rin and Masato heard of a boy in their town who had won a kendo contest and went to do a dojo challenge. Kyousuke challenged Kengo's father and won. Riki asks Kengo why Kyousuke fought his father but Kengo sees through his scheme and tells him to give up on forming the Little Busters. He warns Riki that only darkness lies ahead, but Riki isn't giving up. He wants to help Kyousuke, just as Kyousuke did for him. Even when he discovers Kengo is lying about his injury, Kengo still refuses to join.

Rin and Masato suggest a baseball challenge so Riki has a match with Kengo. He struggles at first but eventually manages to hit a home run. Kengo goes to bat and Rin steps in, wanting to replace Riki as the pitcher. Riki allows her to do so, wanting to work together with her, and so Rin tries to throw a strike. She keeps throwing bad balls and Kengo starts to feel cornered. Eventually, Rin pitches a strike, successfully defeating Kengo. Kengo is overcome by his loss and cries, saying he doesn't care about winning anymore. He recalls the past, when Kyousuke defeated his father. He accurately guessed that Kengo was bored of doing kendo all the time and wanted to just be an idiot and have fun like the rest of them, so he freed Kengo and took him out to play with the rest of them.

Episode 10: And So I'll Do It Over Again

Now that the four of them are together, Riki, Rin, Masato and Kengo go to bring Kyousuke back into the Little Busters. Kyousuke reminisces over the previous previous instances of this world, including everything he did so far to attempt to make Riki and Rin stronger, and his reasons for his actions, and also thinks about the current struggles Riki has been going through right now. He switches to the real world at times, dragging his injured body over to the crashed bus in an effort to block the gas leak, and eventually succeeds. When Kyousuke returns to the dream world, his friends are there and Riki reaches out, inviting him to join the Little Busters. Kyousuke smiles triumphantly and takes his hand.

Episode 11: The End of the World

The world is finally about to come to an end and everyone plays baseball together. Masato catches a ball and tells Riki he really enjoyed their time together. He asks Riki how he felt about it, and Riki replies that he feels the same. Masato is happy to hear it and thanks Riki for spending his time with an idiot like him before fading away. Riki is stunned by his sudden disappearance and runs to Kyousuke in a panic.

Kyousuke starts telling Riki the secret of the world. There was an accident during the field trip when the bus went down a cliff. The only survivors are Riki and Rin, thanks to Masato and Kengo shielding them with their lives. Kyousuke, Masato and Kengo couldn't just die and leave Riki and Rin to face that despair by themselves, as the two were still too weak. Together with the girls, they created a dream world for the two in order to make them stronger. Kyousuke tells Riki his plan ended in failure when he pushed Rin too hard and she broke, but Riki was able to soothe her heart. He is finally considered to be strong enough. Riki remembers the previous worlds and the promise he made to become stronger, and he accepts that he must go.

Riki hits another ball to Kengo, who starts crying. He finally got a chance to be able to play with everyone and wanted it to go on forever, to make up for all the time he lost focusing on kendo. Kengo asks if his life was happy but Kyousuke tells him only he can decide that. Kengo declares that he was indeed happy being with everyone and he couldn't imagine not having met any of them. He offers his hand to Riki for a handshake, telling him that the Little Busters are eternal before fading away.

Rin pitches one last ball and Riki hits a home run. Kyousuke turns to leave, telling them the exit is the school gate, and Riki tearfully protests. He doesn't care about getting stronger or the secret of the world, he just wants to be together with Kyousuke forever because he loves him. Kyousuke breaks down in tears and cries about how he loved both of them more than anyone and he too wanted to be with them forever but he can't. He wonders why the world must be so cruel. As the world starts breaking up, Kyousuke begs Riki to hurry up and get out of there with Rin. Riki takes Rin by the hand and they run out of the exit together. Riki looks back at the disappearing world, bidding farewell to Kyousuke and the Little Busters.

When they are gone, Kyousuke takes one last walk through the school and sits down at Riki's desk. He shortly fades away and the world vanishes.

Episode 12: A Single Request

Riki and Rin return to the real world and remember everything. They were on the bus for their field trip and something hit the bus. Masato and Kengo shielded the two and saved their lives. While they look at the crashed bus in horror, Riki remembers his promise to protect Rin and takes her away, aware the bus will soon explode and they need to get to safety. They sit down in a clearing. Riki hugs Rin, telling her to stay there, and runs back, calling out everyone's names. He refuses to face a future in which Kyousuke and the others aren't there. Riki feels the onset of narcolepsy and struggles to hold it back as he looks into the bus. The carnage within horrifies him and he fears that it may already be too late. Despair overwhelms him and he falls asleep.

Rin wakes up to find Riki gone and goes to look for him. The sight of the bus terrifies her and she falls to her knees, muttering how she hates scary things. She recalls how there was a scary incident in her past when some adults scolded her. Kyousuke, however, was there for her and took her out to play. He introduced her to new friends too. Rin believed it would last forever. She hears a voice call her name and turns around to see a sketchbook sitting on a desk. It's the penguin story that Komari made. Rin remembers Komari, horrified that she actually forgot about her. She sees the photo of the Little Busters together and goes to recollect the memories of the friends she forgot.

After recalling moments with Mio, Haruka, Kurugaya and Kud, Rin breaks down in tears. She recalls the moment when Komari promised to make a wish for her and realizes Komari hasn't told her yet. She races to the roof and finds Komari there. Rin tearfully hugs her, telling her she doesn't want to lose everyone. Komari calls her a crybaby, to which Rin protests, calling Komari the crybaby. Komari replies that she's smiling right now because someone taught her she could smile no matter what and she wants Rin to be able to do that too. She removes one of her stars and hands it to Rin, reciting her wish for Rin to always be smiling from now on.

Komari vanishes and Rin falls to her knees, staring at the dropped star. She can't cry because Komari will worry. How can she smile? By having smiling friends around her. Rin picks up the star and declares her intent to save everyone.

Episode 13: Little Busters

Riki identifies his weakness, his trauma over losing his parents in a car accident, and overcomes it. Together with Rin, they work to save their classmates. They find Kyousuke blocking the gas leak with his body and leave him for last, after they have saved everyone else. When they come back, Kyousuke regains consciousness and tells Riki how proud he is of him. Riki tells Kyousuke it's all thanks to him, that Kyousuke taught him living is fun. Kyousuke smiles, before falling unconscious. At that moment, a fire breaks out. Riki and Rin drag Kyousuke away and the bus explodes.

Some time has passed and Riki wakes up in the classroom to Rin singing. Kengo returns to school with a broken leg. The Little Busters spend their time together while waiting for Kyousuke's return. One day, they find themselves stumped while thinking of what to do. Fortunately, Kyousuke shows up, having recovered completely after being in a coma in intensive care for three months. He announces that he's got a fun activity for everyone - they will be going on a field trip. Kyousuke takes them out in a rented van, to the beach.