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Episode synopses for Little Busters! EX.

Episode 1: Secret Agent Tokido Saya

Riki goes into the school one night to retrieve his notebook and is ambushed by a girl who tells him to leave immediately. He goes back when he hears gunshots and finds a student ID. Riki returns the student ID to its owner, a girl named Tokido Saya. Saya invites him up to the roof and inadvertently reveals her identity as a spy, believing he had figured it out. She doesn't wish for him to reveal his identity to the mysterious Executives of Darkness and therefore has to kill him. Saya pushes Riki off the roof and he hangs on for dear life, until Masato turns up. Riki falls and Masato catches him.

Riki confronts Kyousuke, believing it to be a game he set up. Kyousuke becomes nervous when he mentions the Darkness Executives and warns him not to get involved. Kyousuke himself is also unable to get involved with them in any way because they may harm Rin.

The  executives come after him and Riki flees. He ends up getting caught in a trap and almost ends up being hanged, but Kengo turns up to cut the noose and save him. He tells him he saw a female student fleeing the scene. Riki arms himself with a baseball bat and successfully thwarts another murder attempt by Saya. He returns to his room and finds Saya there, who asks him to team up with her because of his luck. He refuses at first, but Saya ends up taking him along with her when more executives appear. They go into the school and solve a puzzle, which opens up an entry to the dungeon beneath the school.

Episode 2: The Two in the Labyrinth

Riki and Saya explore the dungeon, stumbling upon various traps in the process, and later go shopping for provisions to make their dungeon travelling easier. Saya gets distracted by a crane machine and wins a bundle of toys, much to her delight. They return to the dungeon, battle the executives and discover a hot spring where they relax for a while. Riki vaguely remembers calling Saya by her name and Saya sheds a tear.

Episode 3: Darkness Executives

Riki and Saya continue through the dungeon, fighting a statue along the way, and Riki kisses Saya. They talk about what the treasure at the end of the dungeon might be. Saya is hoping for a time machine to return to the past. The leader of the Darkness Executives, Tokikaze Shun, turns up and Saya challenges him. Riki tries to follow but is unable to. Saya is shot and dies, but restarts the game. She ambushes Riki in the school again and watches him run away with a smile.

Episode 4: Someday, Somewhere...

Saya thinks back to her childhood, when her father, a doctor, would take her with him to war-torn countries. In reality, her name was Aya. She had a manga someone gave her that she coveted. When she came back to Japan, she met Riki and played with him. On the same day, after she returned home, there was a landslide and she was fatally injured.

Saya repeated the same scenario over and over, constantly battling and losing against the mastermind, Tokikaze Shun. This time, she uses Riki as a decoy so that Tokikaze will be unable to shoot her without harming Riki, knowing he won't shoot him. They all end up shooting and Tokikaze is taken out. He tells them the way to the treasure. It turns out to be a biological weapon.

In a flashback, Saya pleads with Tokikaze to let her repeat one more time and to make the treasure a biological weapon. Tokikaze has now realised that Saya, a character from his favourite manga, is a real girl who died and came into the dream world.

Saya has locked herself in the room with the biological weapon and is now bleeding. Riki tries to force his way in but it's useless and he can only watch in horror as Saya turns her gun on herself and commits suicide.

Riki wakes up in his bed and Kyousuke is there. Riki tells him he had a partner. Kyousuke says that the Executives of Darkness jumped the gun and the treasure was actually a time machine. He asks if Riki would believe that.

Saya comes to, as the young Aya, and her father is there. She tells him about the dream she had and then goes out to play with Riki who is waiting for her.

Episode 5: Sasami Becomes a Cat

A black cat is hanging around the school. Though it is unfriendly toward Rin and Komari, it seems to have taken a liking to Sasami, despite her not liking cats. One night, Riki is approached by a frenzied black cat and takes it back to his room. It scratches Masato when he identifies the cat as a female.

Riki is woken up later that night by Sasami. Masato wakes up and Sasami transforms into the cat from earlier, much to Riki's surprise. It soon transpires that Sasami is unable to leave the room without turning back into a cat, and if anyone other than Riki is around, she cannot be in her own human form. Even talking to Komari over the phone is impossible.

Riki tries to find anyone else who can understand Sasami, but is unable to do so. He tries telling Komari that the cat is Sasami though Komari is still unable to understand her. Riki realizes that Sasami's clothes disappear whenever Sasami becomes the cat and guesses that they must be in a dream world. Rin calls him with some shocking news - Komari has vanished.

Episode 6: The Small World That Someone Wished For

The world starts to gradually break up and people disappear while Riki and Sasami try to figure out the cause of the dream world. They try telling Kengo about Sasami in the hope her feelings for him have something to do with it, but it only causes him to be ejected from the dream world.

Riki sees the black cat from before and comes to the realization that it is Sasami's cat she told him about before. She used to have a kitten named Kuro but he disappeared when she was moving house and she never saw him again. Sasami believed he had died out there in the wild. Though she saw the black cat, she didn't realize it was Kuro. It turns out Kuro is the master of the dream world. Riki takes Sasami to see him, but a barrier stands in her way.

They head to the school gate where the exit is and Sasami pushes Riki out, fearing something may happen to him. Riki, however, forces his way back in and the two of them go to see Kuro again. This time, Sasami reconciles with the cat and they play together one last time before he passes away.

Upon their return to the real world, Sasami joins the Little Busters's baseball team.

Episode 7: Kanata's Secret

The baseball clubroom is in danger of being reallocated and so Kyousuke gives Riki a task, to help save the baseball clubroom. His mission is to help the dorm head out with some tasks and Riki ends up spending time with Kanata while he carries out these tasks. Afterwards, Kanata speaks with someone over another party having been decided. Whatever it is, she's keeping it secret from Haruka.

Kyousuke soon announces that the baseball clubroom has been saved for now though Riki continues to help out some more. There is an incident in the cooking clubroom when a fire starts and Kanata puts it out using her jacket. The sprinklers soak her shirt, revealing scars on her arms. She's horrified when she realizes what happened. Someone calls her scars disgusting, causing her to freak out and run off. Riki follows and finds Kanata hunched over, clutching herself and retching. She repeatedly says to get away and not to touch her.

Episode 8: Our Bonds

The rumours about Kanata's scars circulate around the school. Kanata starts avoiding everyone and even neglecting her duties. Haruka and Riki learn of her arranged marriage into the Saigusa family. It will mean her being trapped there forever. Haruka learns it's being done for her sake.

Kanata recalls her past. She had thought Haruka's abuse had come to an end, but discovered the Saigusas were still treating her poorly, much to her anger. In order to save Haruka and be able to bring her to school, Kanata agreed to give up her future and become the next family head. However, she would still not be able to be with Haruka.

Kanata collapses and wakes up in the infirmary, where Haruka and Riki are watching over her. Haruka promises Kanata they won't let her get married. With everyone there for her, she won't have to worry. However, Kanata ends up getting taken away in a car to get married.

The Little Busters carry out their plan to crash the wedding and rescue Kanata. Riki and Haruka are able to successfully escape with her. Haruka swears to Kanata she'll stay with her no matter what. Kanata decides she won't go back to the family after all. Haruka reveals that she even applied for them both to leave the school and live with their parents from now on.